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An Alaskan in London...

Hola! Thanks for stopping by!


Here's a little bit about me... I'm an American originally from Anchorage, Alaska... I bet you weren't expecting that! To answer a few questions that may have just popped into your mind: Yes, it is cold and dark in the winter, we do have summer, bears and moose are spotted on a daily basis, the Northern Lights are gorgeous, and YES: people do live there! I absolutely loved growing up in such a beautiful, wild place. But, while Anchorage is big enough to have access to touring shows, art exhibitions, and other cultural events, there's not much professional work for an actress/artist. 


So, when the time came to leave the nest and explore the world, I went just about as far as I could go. I was fortunate enough to get into Vassar College (which is just north of New York City), where I had a very busy time studying a variety of subjects. No, I was not a Drama or Art major. I have always been a HUGE Disney geek and my interest in art and animation led me to pursuing a Film degree, with a focus on film

theory. In addition to my studies, I also managed to found and run a student-run musical theatre group called Future Waitstaff of America, which I'm very proud to say has not just continued but become a HUGE deal on Vassar Campus to this day. Jazz Hands!!!


Upon graduation, I returned to my hometown for a visit and ended up finding a job in pre-production with Evergreen Films: a Los Angeles based company which was expanding into Alaska. But, to put it bluntly, the State government decided to screw over the budding film industry and abolished the recently instated film tax incentives... So, I decided to take a chance and move to London.

Woah, hold up there. From Alaska to London? Why???


Well, during my time at Vassar, I did a semester abroad at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and got thoroughly spoiled.


I love New York, but London is more my speed.


I know you Londoners might be scoffing, but seriously: New York is BIG and LOUD and 24/7. At least in London I can hear someone across the table in a cafe, find a lovely green space around the corner to read a book or sketch, and have as much tea and crumpets as I want... OH, and did I mention that most of the museums in London are FREE??? Yeah. London is the city for me.


Not that I actually live IN London! Ha, no! Are you kidding? I'm an Alaskan, remember? I prefer a small town feel with nature nearby. My husband (who is also an extremely talented Alaskan actor and you should totally click here to see his stuff, too) and I are now happily settled in Surrey, so we can get to London quickly whenever we want via fast train. BUT if we don't, we can take long country walks in the woods, along the river, or up the cobblestone high street to the castle. We still miss Alaska and our families so far away, but this international adventure has been extremely rewarding, and we're excited to see what's next! 

Wow... Sorry if this was a bit long. If you're still reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You get a gold star! 

Hope you enjoy the rest of my site! 


Ciao for now-

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