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©Rhiannon D'Averc


White Collar Factory

1 Old St, Old Street,



Tel: 07546 265009

33 Tottenham Street

Fitzrovia, London

W1T 4RR 

Tel: 0207 437 3202

I'm an Actors Equity UK member


"Rachel was an absolute pleasure to work with. She bought her own vision to the character of Mida, which was second to none. Her dedication and sheer talent is testament to the hard work she puts in... (both before and whilst on set). I can't wait to work with her again."


Ben Wickes

Director of "Humankind"



"Rachel is practical, dedicated, gifted and disciplined. She has a very natural delivery on stage and is a quick study. She is facile and at ease with a wide variety of performance styles from absurdism to naturalism, and an excellent collaborator."

Mike Daniels

Independent Director/Producer

"Rachel is the complete professional, she has a lovely personality and is a pleasure to work with. Rachel is punctual and followed our instructions for the photo-shoot and arrived wonderfully prepared. She is fabulous at following direction with posing and expression. We highly recommend her and hope that we will be able to work together again in the future. "

Charlie & Michelle Silverlock

Silverlock Photography

"Rachel was a pleasure to work with, great attitude and brilliant for what we needed her for. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a smart, fun and professional character..."

James Specker

Production Co-ordinator at JML Direct

"I worked with Rachel on my first short film back in 2012, she was wonderful to work with; encouraging, generous with her thoughts, time and travel and very professional. I would recommend her whole heartedly, I would imagine it very hard to ever be disappointed by her!"

Nick Buggey

Independent Director/Screenwriter

Wow: intelligent, professional, creative and a great warm fun character. Very knowledgeable and experienced, helped out on a workshop, gently guiding inexperienced photographers and getting great results. Look forward to working with Rachel again.

Mark Grey

Grey Studios Photography


Working with Rachel was absolutely effortless. All communications were professional and methodical. She arrived on time, needed no prompts from me for posing, and to boot she gave really excellent and insightful art direction. Honestly, she was a massive boon to the shoot, wore many hats (figuratively), and was a pleasure to work with.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Do your self a favour and book her!

Andrew Clifton-Brown


"We were very happy with the number and quality of actresses who responded to our advert, but we were extremely happy with Rachel who got the part. Rachel was a pleasure to work with, professional and adapted easily to a number of different locations, scenes and last minute changes to script, that she had learn and perform to camera with minutes to spare. We will work with Rachel again"

Gerry O'Reilly


"My camera loves Rachel! She modelled for us on a vintage shoot and was a delight to be with on set. Rachel worked hard throughout the day, brought a creative sparkle to the session and was equally comfortable posing with and without direction. She has a delightful personality and is an asset in any team. Rachel also has a beautiful voice and entertained the crew with a charming rendition of “Spoonful of Sugar”!"

Peter Scott

Peter Scott Photography

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